9 Sara Stenlund


9 Sara Stenlund

Om mig

Lovisa-av vatten är du kommen, utsmyckning i brons till Vikens kaj

For me making art is helping universe birth dreams into form. We artists are midwives delivering mirrors in which spectators see different angles of the one self. My work reflects my exploration of mysticism, beauty and truth. 

I’m Sara Stenlund, born in Sweden 1989. My artistic journey began in the mecca of art in Florence 2007. There I completed a four year program of classical sculpture and drawing at The Florence Academy of Art. Since then sculpture has been my full time occupation. A path that has lead me to explore many interesting places in the world and in life. After my studies I taught the arts of academic drawing and sculpture at the Barcelona Academy of Art. The last couple of years I have been exploring new horizons in Latin America and established a permanent sculpture atelier in Malmö. 

I create from a place of intuition, pleasure and love of aesthetics. I practice an ancient tradition of classical sculpture but allow creative impulse and experimentation along the way. The sculptures are first realised in clay after which I cast them in various materials such as Jesmonite and bronze. I also work on commission and offer art works for public and private spaces in various materials and sizes.

My philosophy is inspired by nature, zen, yogic tradition and shamanism. I have always been drawn to the unknown and art seem to me have an advantage over words in describing the formless dimension. Through my work I hope to reach beyond the intellect, encourage imagination and freedom of self expression.