Om mig

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1949. Studying at the University of Stellenbosch I  obtained a Bachelor degree in Art. Thereafter I continued my studies for one year as a guest student at Fokwangschule für Gestaltung in Essen-Werden, Germany. Returning to South Africa I started my career as an Art Director in Pretoria. Immigrating to Sweden 1977, I commenced my work as an artist in painting. Presently I am living and working in Malmö. My family: my husband and two adult daughters. One very adorable grandchild. Being musical I played the violin and piano and this musicality can been seen in my work today. My interest in theatre and ballet also reflects itself in my work. I am an eager reader and command four languages. With a single hcp, I am an ardent golfer and I love the outdoor life.


At the well known art school Gerlesborg, I took part in the following courses: 1980 Painting Aquarelle 1 with Professor Arne Isacsson 1981 Painting Aquarelle 2 with Professor Arne Isacsson 1982 ”The Application of Colour in Expression and Function” with Professor Georg Suttner 1986 Painting Portrait with Erik Cedervall and Erling Johansson 1991 Tempera Painting 1 with Gunilla Grundéus 1992 Tempera Painting 2 with Gunilla Grundéus 1992 Painting with Oil 1 with Professor Georg Suttner 1993 Painting with Oil 2 with Professor Georg Suttner 1994 Two weeks intensive painting and tuition with Professor Georg Suttner in Provence, France 1996 Painting with Oil 3 with Professor Georg Suttner 1998 Painting with Oil Advanced with Professor Georg Suttner 2004-07 Painting with Oil Advanced with Professor Georg Suttner 2011 Painting with Oil Advanced with Professor Georg Suttner Member at KRO (Professional Artists’ National Organisation) only for professional artists and jury chosen Gothenburg Artist Club (jury chosen) Skåne Artist Club (jury chosen) VSKG (jury chosen) Represented at Art museums in Borås, Gothenburg and Västerås The Swedish States Art Collection City Municipalities Numerous companies such as Ericsson, ABB, SAAB Space, Volvo, Anglo American Corporation Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island Private collections Commissions executed Artist rendering of the Harry Oppenheimer estate in Johannesburg for Anglo American Corporation Paintings for the Municipality of Västerås Interior decoration for Gothenburgs Central Hospital Numerous commissions carried out for companies like Ericsson, ABB, ESAB, several publishing firms and also for private persons Portrait painting: For the family of ABB’s president, Percy Barnevik and the family Salvador Grimaldi. Also for company directors and private collectors Interior paintings in cabins at Kläppen (a ski resort in northen Sweden) Wallpainting as interior decorating at several Golf Clubs Oil paintings for Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: ”Mariner of the Seas” Interior oil painting for SEB Bank Gothenburg. Individual Exhibitions Art Association, Pretoria, 1976 Art Association, Västerås, 1980 Gallery St. Paul, Stockholm, 1981 Gallery Keruben, Gothenburg, 1988, 90 Gallery Nyttokonst, Uddevalla, 1989, 92 Gallery Nyttokonst, Lysekil, 1994 Stadshuskuben, Falkenberg, 1990 Gallery Artis, Gävle, 1991, 95, 99 Gallery Skansen, Gothenburg, 1994 Gallery Plantage, Gothenburg, 1995, 97 Gallery Smedjan, Billesholm, 1995 Gallery Åsalongen, Västerås 1996 Gallery Linné, Uppsala, 1997 Art Fair, Sollentuna, 1999 Art Hall Vitehall, Kulturhuset Fyren Kungsbacka, 1999 Gallery Mowestor, Stockholm, 1999 Söndags Galleriet Alingsås, 2000 Gallery Blocking, Art Association, Tibro, 2001 Gallery Bush Provicence, Rhode Island, USA, 2001 Konstfrämjandet, Uddevalla, 2004 Ekströms Konst, Västerås, 2005 Partille Slott, Partille, 2006 Himmelshöga Gård, Öland, 2007 Art Fair, Gothenburg, 2007 Tofta Herrgård, Lycke, 2007 Gallery Hörnan, Gothenburg, 2007 Gallery Särö, Kungsbacka, 2007 Gallery Curt Friman, Vadstena 2010 Gallery 11 Gothenburg 2003-2017 Partille Slott 2018 Numerous exhibitions at industries, firms and corporations throughout Sweden Group exhibitions Town Hall, Durban, 1976 Art Hall, Cape Town, 1977 Art Museum, Västerås, 1978-82 Art Association, Västerås, 1978-82 Gallery Ojens, Gothenburg, 1986 Liljevalchs, Stockholm, 1987 Art Museum, Gothenburg, 1992 Gallery Liseberg, Gothenburg, 1993 Gallery Majnabbe, Gothenburg, 1994-2015 Gallery Gerlesborg, Gerlesborg, 1996 Gallery Plantage, 1995, 97, 98 Gallery En Trappa Ner, Gothenburg, 2007 Art Fair, Kungsbacka, 2007 Galley Stallet, Falsterbo, 2018 ÖS Höstsalong, Solsäter, Höllviken, 2018