Bahar Afsari

silversmed, skulptur


Om mig

I was born in Iran ,Tehran in 1987 and lived in Sweden since 2012. Is working as an artist full time. I had grown up with a family that is interested in art and music, I studied graphic design in high school and continued my studies  in handicraft, jewellery design and metal work ,as defined Asian history in several intercultural contexts  at Tehran Art University.




My artworks are divided into two parts, sculptures and jewelry which were inspired by my experiences of life such as immigration and my background. My interest lies on art history and ancient motives.

  • Three women, Three destinies, Sweden, 2015

    I tried to keep on working with metal work in Sweden too. In February 2015 I attend in a group exhibition in Malmo at the Gynning studio which are telling Three Iranian girls their stories., with three different styles of metal work, paintings and ceramics. When I came to sweden from Iran ,I hade a dialectic between my inspration from memories of the world left behind and the day to day struggles of learning the ropes in the new society and in the seeking inspration. Separate from any resemblance.


    The mirror of the motherland,  Czech Republic, 2015

    The mirror of the motherland was a group exhibition in Prague at the Galerie u Zlatého in August 2015.The purpose of it is to meditate the picture of what their homeland is like in their own eyes.THAT’S ALL I KNOW. IT’S MY LIFE.